Meet Gei's

Ashley Shirer, PhD, PE, RPA

Senior Geotechnical Engineer and Archaeologist

Ashley Shirer is a senior professional in GEI’s Exton, PA office. She is a professional civil engineer and registered archaeologist. She has designed deep foundations for extra high voltage lines and distribution lines, specializing in geophysical applications for design and construction. She has conducted assessment of existing historic foundations and ancient structures, identifying ancient construction technologies and modeling reconstructions. She has studied soils from the microscale looking at isotopic signatures of human activity and micromorphology of construction methods to the macro scale looking at regional geologic change. She has worked on projects from Florida to Alaska, specializing in desert Southwest soils and glacial tills of the Midwest.

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“It’s dirt. How did we get to the point in our profession that soil is to technical to understand, while dirt is not viewed as important? We as an industry need to learn how to talk dirty – taking the technical qualification out of soil and putting in the shared experience with dirt.”
- Ashley Shirer

Exton, Pennsylvania


  • Professional Engineer: AZ
  • Registered Professional Archaeologist