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Brian T. Skelly

Environmental Scientist

Brian is an environmental scientist with 13 years of experience specializing in air quality, automated instrumentation and monitoring, environmental compliance, three-dimensional subsurface visualization, and data management services. Brian has been involved in a variety of environmental and geotechnical projects and has worked on projects in 16 U.S. states, mainly on the east coast. His portfolio of work includes air monitoring and sampling programs during site remediation projects, environmental and geotechnical construction monitoring to protect people, property, and equipment, environmental and geotechnical data collection and management, and site conceptual model visualization. Brian participates in technical conferences and has presented on subjects ranging from human health risk assessment, soil vapor intrusion, ambient air monitoring, boundary-layer meteorology, and instrument automation at various seminars and international conferences.  He has also published papers on air quality in peer reviewed journals.

Brian holds a B.S and an M.S. in Natural Resources Management and Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

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Hartford , Connecticut


  • Environmental Professionals’ Organization of Connecticut, Director and Associate Member, and Founder/Chairperson of the Young Environmental Professionals’
  • Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA), Member
  • Connecticut Marine Trades Organization (CMTA), Member
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  • DeHate, R. B. Skelly, M. Bourgeois, G. Johnson, R. Harbison, 2013, Assessment of Public Health Risks Associated with Naphthalene Entering Residences and Commercial Space from Vapor Intrusion at MGP Sites. Journal of Environmental Protection, December 2013, 4, 11-17.
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