Meet Gei's

Frederick B. Kuhnow, P.E.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer/ Project Manager

Frederick Kuhnow has over 25 years of multidisciplinary experience with focus in geo-structural engineering, civil/seismic design of earthen structures, water dams, tailings dams, and foundation structures. His project experience includes detailed engineering design of earthen structures, seismic/structural design, geotechnical characterization, slope stability investigations, reinforced concrete structures design, geohazard evaluations, rock blasting, ground control, deep excavations, engineering design, and construction management. In his current role, he is responsible for management, design, support, direction of technical staff, and construction contractors for the execution of multiple projects. He has published several technical journals and has peer-reviewed articles for industry professional societies and fluent in Spanish.

He earned his M.S. in Mining and Minerals Engineering, an M.S. in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering, and a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Utah. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado, California, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania.


Denver, Colorado


  • Licensed Professional Engineer: CO, CA, UT, AZ, FL, NV, NY, PA, OR