Meet Gei's

Natalie Y. Love

Lab Director

Natalie is the Laboratory Director with a variety of experience including six years of lab experience previous to GEI, WET lab experience, macroinvertebrate sorting, WET data analysis, complete Phase I TIE work, bioassessments, habitat surveys, analysis of data, and field work. Mrs. Love has extensive experience in the formulation of QA/QC procedures and staff operations for lab facilities.

Natalie holds a B.A. in Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho.


Denver, Colorado


  • RMWQAA Level 3 Certification
  • RMWQAA Level 2 Certification
  • RMWQAA Level 1 Certification
  • 2017 Water Environment Federation – Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award