Meet Gei's

Alex Mahrou

B.I. and Data Science Leader

Alex Mahrou is a data-driven professional who is well-versed in digital data delivery, web visualization, data analysis, geographic display, mobile data collection and creative collaboration. Alex enables teams to connect and distribute data in real-time, and coordinate the integration of disparate datasets with geographic features in real-time. He also has experience in designing workflow for large-scale projects and programs that require map production, stakeholder information security, field data capture, sub-consultant data streams and user engagement. Alex leads the Data Science, Engineering and Technology Team (DATASETT) at GEI. DATASETT acts as a portfolio of practices including Data Visualization, Management, Drones, GIS, IoT, Business Intelligence and mobile technology. Alex also serves as the DIVER product manager. DIVER is a web-based subscription software used by select clients for deep data analytics and data visualization.

Alex has a B.S. in Geography from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Denver, Colorado