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Dr. Solidea Bonina joins GEI in Chicago as Senior Environmental Consultant

November 29, 2023

Environmental engineer delivers effective, innovative, and environmentally responsible solutions

Portrait of Solida BoninaChicago, IL (Nov. 30, 2023) Solidea Bonina, Ph.D., has joined GEI Consultants as Senior Environmental Consultant. Solidea’s expertise focuses on analytical chemistry and emerging contaminants and helping clients meet regulatory requirements, reduce environmental impact, and improve overall sustainability.

“Solidea possesses a cutting-edge skill set and expert knowledge in the field of identifying, tracking, and quantifying both established and emerging contaminants,” says Troy Naperala, P.E., Vice President at GEI. “Given the rapidly evolving technical and regulatory landscape surrounding these contaminants, Solidea is the ideal partner to assist our clients in managing their liabilities, staying informed, and ensuring compliance.”

Solidea focuses on the analytical methodology development for the identification and quantification of contaminants, contaminant characterization, and remediation of environmental legacy pollutants. She also brings expertise in PFAS, or perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Her PFAS analytical experience is at the front lines of new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and criteria that could significantly impact preliminary treatment and future remediation of PFAS sites.

“I am thrilled to join the GEI team of talented professionals who possess not only technical expertise and collaborative spirit, but a creative, dynamic, and innovative approach to providing solutions to clients, which is rare in this consulting world,” says Solidea. “I share the vision of the GEI team – we have a passion for protecting the environment and our health from emerging pollutants through constructive teamwork and unique collaboration.”

Solidea holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois, as well as a Master of Science in Civil Hydraulic Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, both from Politecnico of Bari, The First Faculty of Engineering, in Italy. Solidea has conducted high-impact environmental engineering research activities focusing on the pollution of the Great Lakes. She has authored numerous significant refereed publications in the top scientific journals in her field, including her Ph.D. dissertation “Carbon Loading to Lake Michigan Sediments.”

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