Meet Gei's

Abby Campbell

Senior Human Health Risk Assessor

Abby Campbell is a senior human health risk assessor in GEI’s Denver, CO office with over 20 years of experience primarily as a Texas regulatory specialist under the Texas Risk Reduction Program. She has a passion for risk-based closure and utilizes her strong client communication skills to effectively relay technical information in support of site assessment and remediation strategy development. She has been involved in human health risk assessments for sites in the Midwest and southwest US including Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, as well as other states including Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, and Idaho. Additionally, she has conducted several risk assessments for sites in South America. Her project work has included sites where a broad range of chemicals were identified as being of concern including heavy metals, total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs), PCBs, and PFAS.


Denver, Colorado


  • Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing (SETAC, November 1999)
  • Toxicity Identification Evaluation/ Toxicity Reduction Evaluation (SETAC, November 2000)
  • Texas Risk Reduction Program Training Course (June 2002)
  • Texas Risk Reduction Program Guidance and Policy Training Course (September 2004)
  • Texas Risk Reduction Program Guidance and Policy Training Course (October 2007)
  • Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council Light Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids: Science, Management, and Technology Training (November 2015)
  • 40-Hour OSHA Hazardous