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At GEI we work with water agencies, state, local and federal governments, developers, utilities, and industry to effectively plan, design, engineer, and construct projects that meet the challenges of an ever-changing environment.

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How We Deliver

Planning & Studies

At GEI we understand that each water project is unique. Once a project need has been identified, we work with our clients to understand, evaluate and develop the best approach based on the project specific technical, institutional, regulatory, economic and environmental challenges.

Our Approach:

To meet these complex challenges, GEI helps formulate our clients’ vision through a thorough understanding of the project opportunities and challenges.

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Project Viability Study
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Existing Data Review
  • Preliminary Investigations & Studies

Essential Issues

  • Project Funding
  • Site Selection
  • Stakeholder Engagement


We integrate health and safety in all that we do, every day at GEI. From site safety plans to daily safety briefings and site safety audits. Our culture of safety at GEI is reflected in our processes, training programs and ultimately our safety record. Since safety transcends every facet of our work, we integrate seamlessly with our client’s safety programs and protocols.


Permitting is an often overlooked phase of a project and if not properly planned for, can cause serious project delays. Successful permitting involves deep regulatory understanding and local relationships that create submittals that can be efficiently reviewed and accepted.

Our Approach:

From federal permits such as Section 404, NPDES, NEQA or FERC permits to the myriad of state and local permits, GEI has a sound understanding of the ever changing world of permitting water infrastructure related projects.

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Permit Acquisition Strategy
  • Siting & Routing Studies
  • Conceptual Mitigation Planning
  • Monitoring & Reporting Program
  • Scoping Meetings

Essential Issues

  • Streamlined Review Opportunities
  • Local Relationships with Jurisdictional Parameters
  • Knowledge of Governing Laws
  • Stakeholder Communication & Engagement

Design & Engineering

GEI has extensive experience and expertise in the design and engineering in almost all types of water infrastructure projects from dams, levees, canals, and pipelines to waterfront and marine related facilities and structures.

Our Approach:

Alternative approaches to engineering and design can offer significant savings to project cost and schedule. At GEI, we continually look at new ways to create functional and safe designs that meet the expectations of all project stakeholders.

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Value Engineering
  • Use of Technology to Drive Cost & Schedule Savings
  • Construction Drawings
  • Construction Specifications and Contract Documents
  • Design Documentations
  • Engage Specialty Contractors for practical designs as needed

Essential Issues

  • Project Team Collaboration & Communication
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Clear, Complete, Constructable Designs
  • Risk Allocation
  • Enable Client and Regulatory Reviews


Typically the bulk of total project cost is realized in the construction phase. It also has the highest risk in terms of cost and schedule overruns. At GEI our construction managers and field inspectors bring proven and practical approaches to monitoring construction quality throughout the project to help create on budget and on time projects.

Our Approach:

Many construction issues can be avoided with a sound approach in the planning, investigation and design phases coupled with strong communication and project management during construction.

Key Activities & Deliverables

    • Attendance to pre-construction and construction progress meetings
    • Management of submittals, requests for information, and non-compliance reports
    • Implement Construction Quality Assurance program
    • Progress reporting and final construction documentation
    • Mobile materials testing laboratory

Essential Issues

  • Project Team Collaboration & Communication

Operations & Maintenance

Long-term operations and maintenance of water infrastructure projects is becoming an increasing concern for government and the public at large. This involves the inspection and rehabilitation of existing structures so that they meet current standards and address longer-term safety concerns, while maintaining reliable operation. At GEI we know that government budgets are stretched thin so we work with our clients to identify and then rehabilitate structures that have the highest return on investment.

Our Approach:

GEI helps our clients maintain and operate their critical infrastructure through the following:

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Asset management plans and programs
  • Risk based analyses and modeling
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Inspection of infrastructure
  • Benchmarking of best practices
  • Incorporation of lessons learned
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