GEI has extensive experience in managing projects that are delivered as part of larger programs. We understand that each project within your program has its own objectives, funding/budget targets, schedule, and scope. Each project must also integrate into the overall program in the most efficient and cost-effective manner while representing your interests throughout all phases. This requires effective communication, collaboration, and a strong partnership with our clients.

Our team helps contribute to the overall success of a project by providing seasoned Program Managers that know how to facilitate the successful execution of a program, provide outstanding service, innovative solutions, and always aim to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Project Controls

Program management focuses on keeping an entire project or program on track, managing resources, scope, budgets, schedules, and overall objectives. Project controls focuses specifically on monitoring, updating, and analyzing the health of a project or program to look for opportunities to save time and money through all phases.

GEI’s Project Controls Specialists provide information and data that allows owners and project managers to make informed and timely decisions, manage the workflow, communicate effectively, manage expectations, and drive successful project completion.

Specialties Include
• Comprehensive Project Management Plan (PMP)
• Establish and manage Project Management Office (PMO)
• Facilitate workshops and collaboration meetings
• Presentations to Board, Council, and other key stakeholder groups
• Establishing Standardized Schedule Controls
• Developing and Monitoring Critical Path Methodology (CPM)
• Developing and Monitoring Cost and Resource Loaded Schedules
• Implementing Cost/Change Management Systems
• Analyzing data to identify issues and Metrics Reporting
• Workforce/Resource Planning
• Creating Financial Dashboards
• Developing Capital Budgets
• Assessing and Implementing PM & CM Management Software Systems
• Drafting Standards, Processes, Procedures, and Template Generation

Risk Management

Risk management is key to pro-active project management. Establishing a risk management plan in the planning stage of a project helps identify risks that could negatively and/or positively affect the project. Our experience with complex projects and programs has taught us that for risk management to be an effective management tool, the risk program must formally adopt a standardized methodology to identify, assess, and implement strategies to deal with risks. This process continues through all phases of a program. A formal risk management program is also a powerful tool that can be used to communicate with project stakeholders and support decision-making.

Specialties Include
• Establishing Formal Risk Management Plans
• Creating and Updating Risk Registers
• Developing Strategies to Manage Risk
• Providing As-Needed Risk Management Training
• Facilitating Risk Workshops

Constructability Reviews & Value Engineering

Constructability Reviews can help identify potential problems that may be encountered during construction including errors & omissions, uncertainties, and conflicts. Value engineering is the process of reducing costs without compromising functionality, quality, reliability, and safety. GEI’s technical team are skilled at performing both constructability reviews and value engineering for projects of all sizes.

Specialties Include
• Comprehensive Constructability Reviews including verification of quantities and bid items, identifying errors or omissions, and overall constructability
• Implementing Full-Service Value Engineering including collaboration workshops, cost-estimation, independent technical reviews, and report findings and recommendations

Grant Support

Grant funding can be a great resource to secure funding for all types of projects. The grant process requires a lot of administrative and reporting requirements to comply with federal guidelines. GEI can help your agency navigate through all stages including the loan application, agreement development and support, compliance, reporting and documentation.

Specialties Include
• Researching funding opportunities
- Loan Application Assistance
• Grant Compliance and Enforcement
• Reporting and Documentation Assistance

Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC)

Our clients expect a high level of quality in execution to deliver projects on time and on budget. QA/QC programs are needed to define technical standards, practices to be used, assign appropriate staff, and budgeting time and resources to review key work products. GEI maintains rigorous QA/QC programs and creates a professional culture that our staff live by every day.

Specialties Include
• Establishing Quality Assurance (QA) for Projects and/or Programs
• Creating Task-Specific Quality Control (QC) Plans, defining technical standards and practices to be used.
• Providing Independent Technical Reviews
• Updating and Developing Standards, Practices, and Procedures

Construction Phase Support

During construction, GEI can provide full-service, as-needed, Construction Administration (CA) to oversee the construction phase and consultant contracts. This helps agencies that need staff augmentation to handle peak work times. We can also provide Construction Management (CM) services that are scaled to fit the project. Our full-service teams include construction management, resident engineering, construction inspection and quality insurance, change management, environmental coordination and monitoring, startup and commissioning, project controls and public outreach. With CM standards and practices firmly rooted in the fundamental principles of cost, schedule, safety and quality management, GEI’s CM teams also incorporate more modern tools of proactive risk management, advanced project forecasting, and a “project-first” collaboration with contractors and stakeholders to minimize project impacts during the management of change.

Specialties Include
• Providing Owner Construction Administration Services
• Staff Augmentation and or full-service CM services inclusive of providing Resident Engineers, Construction Managers, and a variety of highly skilled Technical Staff
• Coordinating Start-Up and Commissioning
• Claims Analysis and Management
• Completing Post-Construction/Closeout Services

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