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Chris Petersen, P.G., C.Hg.

Senior Hydrogeologist

Chris Petersen has 33 years of experience providing groundwater technical expertise for large interdisciplinary water resources investigations and planning efforts, many of which involve conjunctive use. He has broad experience in the planning, design and optimization of groundwater extraction and recharge systems, an important element of most conjunctive use programs. Mr. Petersen has assisted numerous clients in obtaining state and federal funding assistance for the development of conjunctive use programs throughout California. Key to the success of every groundwater management planning effort is building trust and reaching broad support among project stakeholders, including the regulatory community. Mr. Petersen has demonstrated success in this environment, resulting in projects that meet water supply needs while protecting the environment. Mr. Petersen has been an active member of the Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRA) for more than 20 years, served on GRA’s Board of Directors for nine years and as Board President for two years.  Chris is also currently serving as a director at Fair Oaks Water District.

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Sacramento, California


  • Licensed Professional Geologist: CA