Meet Gei's

Jesús Gómez, Ph.D., P.E., DGEP

Vice President

Dr. Jesús Gómez has more than 30 years of design and construction experience in geotechnical projects in the United States, South America and the Caribbean. Dr. Gómez has an extensive geotechnical construction background, having acted as Design Engineer and Chief Engineer in foundation contracting organizations, including Franki Pile Venezuela, where he designed over 300 high-rise foundation, excavation support and slope stabilization projects.

Dr. Gómez has been the lead designer for numerous design and research projects of importance that incorporate technological advancements such as Micropiles, Soil Nailing, Single Bore Multiple Anchors (SBMA), Compressive Anchors, Removable Anchors, Grouting and Vibro-Replacement. He has extensive experience in design of deep foundations and excavation support, and has completed ground-breaking work on numerical modeling of soil-structure systems.

Dr. Gómez was one of the authors of Publication FHWA-NHI-14-007, Soil Nail Walls Reference Manual in 2015, the FHWA/ADSC Hollow Bar Soil Nail (HBSN) Test Program field research effort and report. Dr. Gómez completed extensive research on the behavior of tall retaining walls subject to static and cyclic loading for the USACE ERDC and developed a complete constituve model for soil-structure interfaces and implemented into a finite element software. He has also led research efforts on various topics such as Buckling of Micropiles, Micropile-Footing Connections, Compressive Anchor Technology and Soil-Structure Interface Behavior, among others. Dr. Gómez has authored or co-authored over 50 publications on practical technological applications and design in geotechnical engineering.

Dr. Gómez has always been active in teaching foundation engineering courses at the graduate level and is currently an adjunct professor at Drexel University. He frequently teaches seminars and is a regular speaker at conferences for professional organizations. He is an approved NHI instructor and often teaches the NHI micropile short course to DOT agencies across the nation.


Exton, Pennsylvania


  • Licensed Professional Engineer: DE, Spain, Venezuela
  • Diplomate Geotechnical Engineer
  • 2004 Shamsher Prakash Award for Excellence in the Practice of Geotechnical Engineering
  • 2011 CE News Magazine Power List of People Advancing the Civil Engineering Profession
  • 2012 ASCE National Capital Section, Outstanding Civil Engineering Project, Emergency Repairs for Settlement at Jefferson memorial Seawall
  • 2006 Washington Contractor Award to Dulles International Airport East/West Automated People Mover by the Associated General Contractors of Metropolitan Washington, DC, Award
  • President’s Award 2014, International Association for Foundation Drilling (ADSC)
  • Author of various FHWA and ACOE Manuals and Reports