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Katie Unke Ehrenberg

Senior Project Professional

Katie Unke Ehrenberg is an ecological project manager based out of GEI’s Green Bay, Wisconsin office specializing in wetlands, waterways and permitting. Katie manages an ecological group practice in Wisconsin that specializes in a wide variety of environmental related work. Katie also manages environmental projects for her clients that range from small developments to multi million-dollar corridor development projects. Her field experience includes wetland delineations, plant identification, stream characterizations, habitat surveys, land use surveys and threatened and endangered resource surveys. Katie has experience in preparing and coordinating permit packages for transmission lines, distribution lines, railroad expansions and other projects for small and large businesses and has provided environmental oversight on multiple construction projects for linear projects.

Katie has a B.S. in Water Resources and Soil Science from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin


  • Certified Karner Blue Butterfly surveyor with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Certified Endangered Resources Reviewer for with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Wisconsin Wetland Association, Member
  • Society of Wetland Scientists, Member
  • Phone: 920.243.3765 / email: