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Lisa A. Reyenga, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Lisa is an engineer, specializing in non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) multiphase characterization and risk-based remediation. She provides strategic planning and regulatory support and advocacy for sites across the country to ensure remedial activities are advancing the site towards reduced risk and site closure. Lisa has worked in both federal and state regulatory environments for a variety of sites including refineries, bulk plants and terminals, former manufactured gas plants, gathering and transmission pipelines, underground and aboveground storage tank facilities, airports, and other industrial and commercial facilities throughout the United States.  These projects have entailed the review of NAPL risk assessments and supporting technical reports, participation in and planning for multi-stakeholder technical meetings, generation of technical reports and peer-reviewed scientific publications, and presentations at project meetings and scientific conferences.

Lisa’s technical work focuses on providing high quality, scientific support based on a detailed understanding of current leading edge science. Her site evaluations are focused on identifying critical parameters to develop a sufficiently complete NAPL conceptual site model such that risk-evaluation and remedy decisions may be made based on the scientific evidence. Areas of particular expertise for Lisa are the identification of NAPL hydrogeologic condition, NAPL transmissivity testing and analysis, evaluation of NAPL mobility in sediment, natural source zone depletion testing and analysis, and 3D modeling and visualization.

Lisa has developed two patent-pending NAPL transmissivity analysis techniques, FRACTioNTM and PREDicTTM, for analyzing testing results in fractured rock and for DNAPL, respectively. She is an active participant in the industry including participation on Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) and ASTM committees as well as working with the American Petroleum Institute on multiple projects related to NAPL characterization and recoverability analyses.

Lisa holds a B.S. from Tufts University and an M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Denver, Colorado


  • Licensed Professional Engineer: CO
  • ITRC Team Member: LNAPL Update
  • ASTM Member/Coauthor: Standard Practice for Conceptual Site Model for NAPL Mobility at Sediment Sites, Standard Guide for Field Screening and Sample Collection for NAPL Mobility at Sediment Sites, Standard Guide for NAPL Mobility Thresholds in Sediments