Meet Gei's

Lynn Hermansen

Senior Restoration Ecologist

Lynn is a senior restoration ecologist and project manager with 19 years of field and consulting experience focused on wetland, wildlife and plant ecology. Her diverse knowledge enhances her abilities to look at resource issues holistically and identify technically defensible restoration approaches.

Lynn’s experience includes leading restoration planning, implementation, post-construction monitoring and long-term conservation planning on public infrastructure and large residential development projects. Lynn is also experienced with large-scale conceptual restoration planning that integrates and reflects multi-benefit objectives. Her restoration experience in California includes a diversity of habitats: coastal salt marsh, seasonal and perennial wetlands, native grasslands, creosote bush scrub and riparian woodlands. Many of these projects included wetland creation, habitat enhancement and conservation for special-status species, invasive species management and facilitating long-term preservation mechanisms for open space habitat. Lynn has a comprehensive understanding of how regulatory compliance requirements intersect with project design, planning and execution. She is also experienced in conducting habitat assessments and protocol-level surveys for special-status wildlife and plant species.

Lynn has a M.S. in Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from the University of California – Davis.


Sacramento, California