Meet Gei's

Lee Wooten, P.E.

Principal/Vice President

Lee Wooten is a GEI Principal and a civil engineer specializing in the areas of soil mechanics/geotechnical engineering, dam engineering, foundation engineering, underground engineering and geohydrology. He joined GEI in 1980 and has served as the director of the laboratory in addition to his work as a geotechnical engineer and project manager.

Lee has managed and performed a broad range of engineering tasks associated with earth embankment and concrete gravity dams and levees.  The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) awarded their first Innovative Rehabilitation Designer of the Year award for the remedial designs prepared by Lee for the Blue Ridge Parkway Dams. ASDSO awarded the 2009 National Rehabilitation Project of the Year for Lake Burnt Mills Dam remedial modifications project designed by Lee.  He has been approved by FERC as an Independent Consultant for Part 12D inspections and as a Probable Failure Mode Analysis Facilitator of hydropower project dams. He has served on or led teams from ASCE and GEER for collection of levee and coastal information following hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Sandy and Harvey.

He has also managed and performed foundation analyses for bridges, wind turbines, water towers, transportation facilities, high-rise structures and medical facilities involving soil conditions ranging from thick deposits of soft clay and peat to glacial till soils. The foundation types employed in these analyses include shallow footings, piles, caissons and anchored footings. He has also prepared designs and geotechnical evaluations for shore erosion protection, retaining walls, sewers and construction excavation support systems.

Lee has provided expert litigation support as a geotechnical engineer and as a dam designer for engineers, owners and contractors. His expert support has been based on his perspective as a practicing, experienced and knowledgeable geotechnical, civil and dam engineer.

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Boston, Massachusetts


  • Registered Professional Engineer: MA, NC, NY, VA, FL, CT, NJ, SC
  • Geoengineering Extreme Events Reconnaissance Steering Committee 2015-present
  • Association of State Dam Safety Officials - Dam Failures and Incidents Committee 2013-present
  • American Society of Civil Engineers - Embankments, Slopes, and Dams Committee 2003–2015, Geo-Institute Levee Assessment Team 2005
  • Boston Society of Civil Engineers - Geotechnical Group Executive Committee 1983–1988, Chairman 1987–1988, Geotechnical Forum Committee 1981–1984, Chairman 1983–1984
  • U.S. Society on Dams