Meet Gei's

Scott Dierks, P.E.

Project Manager

Scott is a civil engineer, hydrologist and ecological engineer. He has spent the last twenty plus years applying the lessons of natural systems to urban and landscape design. This work includes hydrologic, water quality and sediment transport monitoring and modeling. The monitoring and modeling has been used to inform, test and refine stormwater, wastewater and stream planning and restoration projects. His design work has included treatment wetlands for sanitary and leachate wastewaters; urban and rural best management practices (BMPs); stream, wetland, and shoreline restoration; and green infrastructure, including low impact development. Many of these projects have been funded by grants, and many of the grant applications were partly or in whole, written by Scott and his team. Scott has facilitated and written watershed management plans and is known as an avid collaborator with public agencies, non-profits and other design firms. Scott regularly presents his work at regional and national venues.

Scott received his MSE in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida, his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Rhode Island, and his B.A. in Psychology from Colgate University.


Ann Arbor, Michigan