Meet Gei's

Steven Hawkins, CSP

Corporate Health and Safety Officer

Steven Hawkins is the Corporate Health and Safety Officer/Safety Manager at GEI Consultants, Inc. with over nineteen years of experience in the environmental, health and safety field. As the leader of safety at GEI, his effort to empower each employee to make the decision to work safely in each activity they perform. Together with GEI’s Safety Team, Steve is committed to providing the support necessary to employees, projects and clients to achieve successful and safe projects while maintaining safety as one of GEI’s core business values. With a diverse background in the environmental, occupational health and safety and emergency response, he has the capability to evaluate operations and programs for compliance, identify potential risks and design methods of control. His experience covers a broad range of activities associated with hazard assessment, compliance auditing, program review and development, health and safety plan development, review, and certification, contingency and emergency response planning and health and safety training and management.

In addition to his responsibilities at GEI, Steven has over twenty-four years of experience as a certified firefighter, emergency medical technician and company fire officer in the State of Connecticut. In this capacity, he is prepared to respond to any type of emergency and provide training in all aspects of emergency response in accordance with the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System. He has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the Roger Williams University.

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Hartford , Connecticut


  • Certified Safety Professional, BCSP
  • Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist
  • OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer