California Environmental Insights Dec. 2017, Meet our Key Cultural Resources Team Members

December 28, 2017

Archaeologist/Tribal Experts

Barry Scott, M.S., R.P.A., Sr. Cultural Resources Specialist and Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) – Barry is one of our senior cultural resources specialists with 30 years of experience in archaeology. He specializes in Assembly Bill 52 Tribal consultations and coordinates extensively with Native American Tribes and with project design staff to develop methods of avoiding impacts on significant cultural resources. He prepares Memoranda of Agreements, Programmatic Agreements, Historic Property Management Plans, inventory and evaluation reports, and other documents that allow projects to move forward without schedule delays, and is well known for resolving difficult cultural resource issues with local Tribes.

Denise Jurich, M.A., R.P.A., Sr. Archaeologist – Denise, has worked throughout the western U.S. She’s been an archaeologist for more than 20 years and specializes in directing large, complex cultural resources investigations, leading consultation with agencies, and overseeing preparation of large cultural resources compliance reports. Prior to the start of her archaeological career she worked in television production.

Jesse Martinez, M.A., R.P.A., Archaeologist – Jesse has 18 years of experience specializing in prehistoric, protohistoric, and historic archaeology. He has extensive experience in the prehistory of California and the Great Basin, having worked in the Mojave Desert, eastern California, northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, the western Sierra Nevada, and the Central Valley.

Karen Gardner, M.A., R.P.A., Osteologist/Archaeologist – Karen has 13 years of experience working on archaeological projects throughout California. She specializes in the excavation, analysis, and interpretation of human remains, but also has extensive knowledge of faunal skeletal morphology and zooarchaeological techniques, as well as a full suite of archaeological skills.

Historians/Architectural Historians

Mark Bowen, M.A., Sr. Historian/Architectural Historian – Mark has more than 20 years of applied work in the field of historic research for cultural resources management, water rights, and due-diligence.

Madeline Bowen, M.A., Sr. Historian/Architectural Historian – Madeline has 19 years of cultural resources experience and has worked on a variety of projects from military installations like Camp Pendleton to former fish canneries at the Port of Los Angeles.

Patricia Ambacher, M.A., Historian/Architectural Historian – Patricia has 14 years of experience in cultural resource management and historic preservation. She has worked on projects throughout California evaluating a variety of resources from levees to Mid-Century Modern buildings.

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