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GEI Consultants is Expanding its LNAPL/DNAPL Practice with the hiring of Principal Practice Leader Derek Tomlinson

February 9, 2017

Boston, Mass. – February 9, 2017 – GEI Consultants, Inc., one of the nation’s leading  geotechnical, environmental, water resources, and ecological science and engineering firms, announced today the hiring of Principal Engineer and Science, Engineering & Technology Leader Derek Tomlinson, P.E., P.Eng., BCEE.

Derek has more than 20 years’ experience and will help lead the growth of GEI’s oil and gas, manufactured gas plants (MGP), Superfund and other industrial practice areas. He is an expert in environmental engineering and contaminant hydrogeology, specializing in development of strategies for managing sites with non-aqueous phase liquids and vapor intrusion concerns. His technical expertise includes developing innovative site characterization methods for the creation of robust conceptual site models, which he has used in proper design, implementation, and operation of a range of in situ remediation technologies within both porous media and fractured bedrock geologic settings. He has worked at refineries, terminals, rail yards, waste sites, MGPs, chemical manufacturing, and other industrial facilities under USEPA CERCLA and RCRA programs, nationally in several state and regional led and voluntary programs, and internationally in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He has also provided expert witness and testimony in matters related to NAPL releases and related contamination.

“Derek is an exceptional scientist, engineer and communicator with broad international leadership experience in diverse industries and regulatory programs,” said Vice President Michael Hawthorne. “We are excited that Derek is joining our team of science, engineering and technology experts in a leadership role, and look forward to the strong growth he will bring to our Oil & Gas, MGP and other industrial environmental practices.”

Derek is actively involved in the development of various standards, guidance documents, and providing of training with respect to NAPLs. Also, he was contributing author of the ITRC LNAPL technical guidance and continues as an internet-based and classroom workshop trainer on LNAPL characterization and remediation. In addition, he was actively involved in development of ASTM standard guides for LNAPL conceptual models, evaluating LNAPL transmissivity, and the Phase 1 vapor intrusion real estate standard. He was also one of the principal authors of the United Kingdom-based CL:AIRE An Illustrated Handbook of LNAPL Transport and Fate in the Subsurface. He led the development of the high-resolution site characterization tools and techniques chapter for the ITRC Integrated DNAPL Site Characterization guidance document, for which he was awarded the ITRC Industry Recognition Award in 2012. He was one of the principal investigators for the EPRI sponsored development of methods for assessing MGP DNAPL mobility. Derek was a contributing author of the ITRC Petroleum Vapor Intrusion guidance document, and he developed and led the 1-day vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation workshops for the Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists provided from 2011 to 2014.

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