Asbestos Program Management

GEI manages the Delta Air Lines (Delta) Asbestos Resource Consultant contract at Delta’s world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, along with all of Delta’s asbestos-related work throughout every Delta occupied airport in the United States.

Since 2011, GEI has conducted annual Asbestos Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plan Manager training sessions for Delta Air Lines (Delta) employees and contractors. This is part of a larger Asbestos Program Management Master Services Agreement that includes asbestos assessment, asbestos abatement management, and regulatory compliance. GEI manages and updates the training materials each year, and conducts each training session at Delta’s world headquarters’ located in Atlanta, Georgia. The annual training is a requirement for all of Delta’s designated Asbestos O&M Plan Managers, corporate Real Estate staff, contract maintenance managers, and other select Delta staff as authorized by the Delta Corporate Safety, Health & Environment Department.

GEI staff prepared the original training program and materials in 2003 and have been responsible for on-going technical and regulatory updates to the training materials since then.  One goal of the training is to explain to the Delta employees located in various airports that managing risk and providing proper communication to staff helps prevent future liability. GEI staff have provided this training to more than 750 Delta employees and contractors since 2003. The training program includes on-line training materials, in-person training manuals, slides, PowerPoint presentations, videos, hands-on exercises and course examinations.

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Yellow cordon tape warning of asbestos danger at the entrance to a house being renovated.

I’ve been working with Jamie for over a decade and count him as one of my most trusted consultants. With asbestos management plans nationwide at a 24/7 company, emergencies can arise at any time. Day or night, whether in town on vacation, I can count on Jamie to quickly respond and assist us through an incident with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. I count him as both a colleague and a friend and look forward to working together for many years to come.

- Josh Smith MPH, CIH, Manager - Environmental Health and Industrial Hygiene, Delta Air Lines, Inc.