Henderson Remediation

Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) has retained GEI since 2013 to oversee site investigations, groundwater remediation and environmental compliance at its titanium refining site in southern Nevada. The Henderson facility produces titanium metal ingots through a series of chemical process from rutile sand ore. GEI’s initial scope of work was dictated by a consent order schedule that stipulated site investigations, water and soil testing, remediation system design and regulatory submittals to achieve a groundwater remedy. Within 12 months, in order to meet strict regulatory guidelines, GEI had successfully completed numerous projects including:

  • Excavation and disposal of 40,000 cubic yards of soil and debris;
  • Installation of a 2,400-foot long slurry wall to a depth of 68 feet;
  • Installation of a groundwater extraction and treatment system utilizing 19 extraction wells, air stripper and injection trenches;
  • Removal and remediation of sediment from an on-site wastewater pond;
  • Installation CQA of a new double geosynthetic pond liner and construction documentation report to bring the pond back online.
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Key Challenges

The TIMET facility is part of a much larger industrial manufacturing complex that includes a long and complex history of regulatory involvement from local, state, and federal agencies. In partnership with TIMET, GEI engaged with each regulatory agency to obtain permits, design reviews, approvals, and completion reports on an accelerated schedule to achieve compliance with all regulatory deadlines.  Prior to final remedial design, GEI executed a supplemental field sampling plan that allowed for a more targeted remedial approach that was accepted by the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection and resulted in a significant cost savings for TIMET.

For the last 3 years, GEI has been able to achieve significant cost savings for TIMET by working with plant staff and the regulatory agency to execute a strategic approach to ongoing compliance and remediation activities.  By understanding both the regulatory environment and plant operational needs, GEI helps TIMET maintain environmental compliance in a cost-effective manner that satisfies both the plant needs and regulatory requirements.

GEI continues to support TIMET with ongoing services including semi-annual groundwater monitoring and reporting, landfill cap and closure permitting and design, water and solid waste management, miscellaneous site engineering, and air emissions management.

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