TRE Bridge Over West Fork of Trinity River

The proposed TRE double track is a 0.75-mile commuter track extending between southwest Fort Worth through I-35W & 287 to Sylvania Ave. This project includes one bridge rehabilitation and new construction of four bridges. Double Track bridges will be constructed at MP 612.0 (West of N. South Freeway), MP 612.44 (West Fork of Trinity River) and MP 612.56 (over Sylvania Ave.). At MP 612.20 (over N. South Freeway), the existing bridge will be replaced, and a new two track bridge will be constructed. GEI was responsible for creating the preliminary guideway plan and profile sheets, trinity trail realignment sheets, drainage area maps and railway cross sections for the preliminary plan set. As a part of the preliminary design, GEI analyzed the hydraulic impacts of the construction of a second track bridge across the West Fork of the Trinity River. The hydraulics were analyzed using the existing FEMA provided HEC-RAS model for the West Fork of the Trinity River and by using the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Corridor development HEC-RAS model. The existing and proposed FEMA analysis found no rise in the water surface elevation for the 100-year storm, and the Corridor development model found no rise in the water surface elevation based on 2050 hydrologic values. Finally, GEI wrote the project design report, consolidating the recommendations of geotechnical, structural, hydraulic and construction discipline leads.

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