US 75 Pedestrian Study

The US 75 Pedestrian Study in Dallas, TX spanned from Lovers Lane to Mockingbird Lane along the US 75 corridor, extending a few blocks east and west of the highway. The study area is governed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the City of Dallas, the Town of Highland Park, and the City of University Park, as well as parcels within Southern Methodist University (SMU) campus. GEI staff inspected several components of pedestrian facilities, including: sidewalk slope, ramp slope, level landings, ramp presence, marked crossings, pedestrian button heights, pedestrian signal heights, and accessible width/obstructions, truncated domes/color differential, vertical clearances, protruding objects and passing space. Determination of deficiencies were based on the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards and Architectural Barriers Administrative Rule 68.102 Public Right-of Way Projects. GEI counted 310 accessibility deficiencies throughout the project limits.

GEI participated in two meetings with all stakeholders involved in the Pedestrian Study, including business owners involved in the affected Public Improvement District. At these meetings, the deficiencies were explained, and suggestions for fixes or replacements were discussed. A report was put together to describe and list all deficiencies, along with a project location map, deficiency map, GeoCAM reports (images of deficiencies with their geographical location), a planimetric cost evaluation of fixes, recommendation design exhibits and a deficiency matrix describing all 310 deficiencies.

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