Our services are applicable across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. We work at refineries, pipelines, gas plants, pump stations, compressor stations, storage tanks, wellfields, terminals, berths, ports, access roads, railroads and more.


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Automated Data Analytics

GEI’s Data Interpretation Visualization Exploration and Reporting (DIVR®) system puts you in control of your own data, allowing secure access to maps, automated analytics and reliable data. Our nationwide team of experts in enterprise data management systems developed the robust cloud-based DIVR® system, incorporating GEI’s leading edge science engineering and technology.

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Environmental Liability Management

GEI can help decrease liabilities through improved science and tactical approaches to manage risks and reduce reserves. Our oil and gas team members have a deep understanding of the complexities and unique requirements involved in the assessment, management and, if necessary, remediation of client’s impacted properties.

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Linear Support Services

GEI provides technical support services for the entire lifecycle of linear projects ranging from cursory initial pre-construction site assessments through post-construction monitoring. We have worked on hundreds of linear oil and gas infrastructure projects throughout the U.S., including new pipelines, horizontal directional drills, pipeline reconstructions or repairs, corridor vegetative maintenance, right-of-way expansion, pipeline abandonment, access road construction and emergency response services.

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