GEI believes in investing in the communities in which our employees, clients, and partners live and work. Our GEI Gives Back Committee (Committee) donates annually over $100,000 to charitable causes identified by employees nationally and in our local communities.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Gandhi

GEI has supported organizations such as National Society of Black Engineers, Thrive Scholars, AguaClara Reach, KidSpark, and National Academy Foundation. The Committee has become a foundational piece in the effort to support the causes that inspire our employees.

The GEI Gives Back Committee

The Committee is comprised of dedicated employees, and championed by an Executive Sponsor, Julie Jennings, who work to build strong communities through volunteering and donations. Please contact the committee Co-Chairs for more information:

Jen Spaulding (Co-Chair)

Natalie Love (Co-Chair)

The Committee will continue to support the development of our local communities, as well as national and international interests by donating employee time and resources to community development activities, nonprofit organizations, pro‐bono work for communities after natural disasters, and supporting fund‐raising activities. The Committee will continue to support STEM education, sustainability, and will be placing a larger emphasis on environmental protection through individual and company‐wide efforts to raise capital and promote volunteer efforts that support our environment.

GEI’s employees are dedicated to making a difference in the community and the GEI Gives Back Committee is here to facilitate those efforts.

In addition to other corporate giving, since 2021 GEI has awarded more than $20,000 in scholarships to further STEM education.