At GEI, we understand the need and importance of quality healthcare systems and facilities. We bring decades of experience working in this industry to bring comprehensive solutions to our clients. From life sciences and research buildings to state of the art hospitals and clinics, we understand the challenges and opportunities unique to healthcare clients and their patients, staff and surrounding communities.

Cleveland Clinic

Hospitals and Clinics

From low-rise to high-rise stacked towers, GEI has decades of experience working on critical facilities for healthcare clients across the country. We understand that construction typically occurs adjacent to ongoing operations and thus, we approach design and construction activities in a way that minimizes disruption to patients. Our services often integrate our geotechnical, environmental and constructions management services in an approach that supports on time and on budget project delivery.

Biomedical Novartis

Life Sciences

From state-of-the-art research and development facilities and science centers to retro-fits of existing facilities, GEI’s multi-disciplined engineers and scientists help clients design and construct innovative and functional laboratory environments. Today’s research facilities are often complex and involve a host of often unique considerations related to the design and regulatory process.

Senior and Assisted Living

The demand for assisted living spaces has increased substantially over the past decade. GEI works with architects, developers and contractors to implement designs that meet the safety and privacy settings that offer residents a welcoming and comfortable environment. We provide comprehensive engineering services including civil and structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management and environmental permitting and remediation services.

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