GEI’s goal is to provide mining clients with the technical solutions necessary to keep up with increasing cost and productivity demands. Many of our projects involve dam and tailings impoundment engineering, including evaluation, permitting, design, construction oversight, closure and post-closure re-development. They involve studies to estimate liquefaction potential and seismically induced settlements; hydrologic, hydrogeologic and hydraulic investigations; design and installation of water monitoring instrumentation; and design and implementation of long-term ground water and tailings monitoring programs.

Mining Engineering

GEI provides integrated civil, geotechnical and environmental services for the mining industry, including planning, site design, compliance and permitting, foundation design and construction. Our engineers have completed thousands of projects for state, municipal, commercial and industrial clients. The team is particularly well-known for expertise in the evaluation of seismic performance of impoundments and other structures, and we continue to develop and put into practice new methods to sample and analyze the stability of soil masses.

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Mine Tailing/Impoundments

GEI has been successfully providing mining clients with innovative mine tailings solutions for more than 40 years. Our specialized laboratory-testing program conducts static and dynamic testing of coal ash and mine tailings that can evaluate the liquefaction potential for mine tailings and wet-ash impoundment facilities where staged filling procedures are used. We are also experts in the investigation, design and construction of a variety of water, tailings and waste containment systems. We are focused on health and human safety as well as environmental sustainability.

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Ecological Services

Taking into consideration mining-specific regulatory and compliance issues, GEI’s ecological scientists provide a wide range of services, from assessing aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem health to complex ecotoxicological assessments that study the effects of human activities on the surrounding environment. Our in-house laboratory offers a wide variety of biological, chemical and toxicological testing services, allowing mining clients to actively pursue environmental stewardship and sustainability.

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