In 2022, GEI took another step in our journey by adding Equity to our DE+I program.  Equity is about creating policies, practices, and opportunities for all to support a culture where employees engage with each other and are empowered to make a difference.

The Committee

GEIʼs DE+I efforts are driven by a dedicated group of employees who include two permanent members, GEI’s President & CEO, Ron Palmieri, SVP People, Julie Jennings, and up to 15 staff members from diverse backgrounds, technical and business disciplines, geographic locations, and career stages. Please contact the committee co-chairs for additional information or opportunities for collaboration:

Brooke Bennett, Co-Chair

Roger Hathaway, Co-Chair

Each year, the committee reviews company needs and strategies to continue to drive DE+I initiatives forward. As of 2022, the committee is focused on three main subcommittees and three short term task forces:


  • Educate & Engage: Develop DE+I learning strategies to educate and engage staff on DE+I practices
  • Communications: Coordinate and support DE+I communications regarding social observances and DE+I related activities
  • Community: Foster increased and consistent engagement of staff in DE+I activities through both internal initiatives and external volunteerism with diverse communities and local organizations

Task Force

  • Talent Acquisition: Document and recommend best practices for recruiting and hiring process to support diverse candidates
  • Employee Resource Groups: Establish resources and framework for ERGs, expand GEI’s ERG Focused on Women in the Workplace (GEI X2) and support launch of new ERGs.
  • Metrics: Establish internal metric standards to streamline evaluation to measure success with DE+I initiatives

Our Progress Since 2015

  • Expanded GEI’s benefits to include Paternal leave.
  • Establish baseline metrics
  • Establish routine DE+I Reporting
  • Added DE+I questions to our employee review program, Connecting Conversations
  • Provide companywide DE+I education programs through Townhalls and Panels
  • Coordinated 4-week intensive DE+I with an external facilitator
  • Established a framework for Allyship within GEI
  • Created strategic partnerships with National Society of Black Engineers and Thrive Scholars.


2022 Environment Business Journal DEI Award

2022 NIBS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Award

2021 Diversity Journal – Diverse Organizations Worth Watching