Owner’s Representative RFP

Attachment A-1 – Draft 100% RTA1 Construction Drawings – inclusive of Remediation (Dredging, Capping and ISS), Bulkhead and Bridge Support, and TB1 Separation Wall Construction Design

Attachment A-2 – Technical Specifications

Attachment A-3

Attachment B – TB4 Lessons Learned
Attachment C – Project Team Communication Plan
Attachment D – Construction Implementation Plan
Attachment E – Sample Proposal and Change Notice Format/Change Notice Form – Schedule E and Schedule F
Attachment F – CM/GC Construction Scope of Work
Attachment G – Bid Form
Attachment G – Bid Form-Unit Rates
Attachment H – List of Pre-Mobilization CM/GC Submittals
Attachment I – General Terms and Conditions for Remediation Contractor
Attachment J – PSA General Conditions
Attachment K – Health & Safety Plan
Attachment L – Contractor Safety Requirements
Attachment M – Process Safety PHA Guidelines
Attachment N – Management of Change Procedure

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