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Our Values

GEI and its Employees are committed to…

Working for the success of our clients, high standards of personal, business and professional honesty and ethics, high quality work and products, respect and equal opportunity for all people, personal initiative and responsibility, constant learning and sharing of knowledge, sustainable development and respect for the environment, career growth and success of all employees, advancing our professions; giving back to our communities, teamwork and cooperation, open communications, and having fun!

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Why Join Us?

"GEI's success has...

been predicated on our unique team of talented, dedicated employees with a broad array of skills, thoughts, and backgrounds.  As we grow, we look for individuals who are focused on our client’s success and can help us maintain the aspects of our culture that have made us successful while bringing new and diverse perspectives to help us continue to thrive in the future.

– Julie Jennings, Senior Vice President – People


Thriving at GEI

At GEI we continue to thrive. We focus on our clients, our communities and our employees while doing meaningful work.

Come join us!
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    With a long history in this line of work, find our why GEI is a leader in dam engineering.

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    Discover GEI’s unique culture and offerings.

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    Ensure the infrastructure we’re using and passing along to the next generation is safe and sustainable.

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    As a geo-engineer working on dams, make an impact on how we interact with the elements.

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    Work on significant large scale projects and make an impact on the world we live in.

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    Embrace the most challenging projects with support from mentors. Grow your career in civil engineering.

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    Work with leaders in the field of dam engineering.

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    Solve problems and help the community, society, and the world.

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    Make an impact by collaborating with other professionals to leave the world a better place.

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    Fulfill your career goals by working at a consulting firm that allows you to perform meaningful work in alignment with your values.

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    Work alongside colleagues on projects and perform good work with people who care.

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    At GEI, you get to start out your career with hands on experience working in the field to see the impact of our projects firsthand.

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    We support cause-motivated individuals in their career goals and aspirations while working in an autonomous work environment.

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whether an intern or an experience professional, GEI offers a variety of opportunities in multiple disciplines. Envision your future…Is GEI right for you??

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